Why are air coolers becoming more and more popular?

We know that water has the largest specific heat capacity, so it is often used as a cooling medium and is widely used in traditional industrial cooling systems. However, with the scarcity of water and energy and the enhancement of environmental protection meaning, water-saving, energy-saving and pollution-free air coolers have been rapidly developed in the past 40 years.

  Air cooler is a device that uses ambient air as the cooling medium to cool or condense the high temperature fluid in the tube, referred to as air cooler. Air-cooled air has no restrictions on water sources due to its use, requires less selection of plant sites, and air can be taken at will without creating environmental pollution problems. Therefore, air coolers can better help enterprises save production costs and generate better economic benefits. Air coolers have been successfully and economically used for the cooling of steam, high boiling organic vapors and liquids such as petroleum distillation vapors, gasoline, and liquid ammonia condensation.

  Air cooler can be used for cooling or condensing, widely used in: refining, petrochemical tower top vapor condensation; reflux oil, tower bottom oil cooling; cooling of various reaction products; cooling of circulating gas and power station turbine exhaust condensation; walking machinery (excavator, loader, forklift, crane, combine harvester, road construction machinery, construction machinery, etc.).

  The above is the introduction of why the air cooler gradually popular reasons, if you want to know more about the air cooler, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.

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